A Prayer for Skeletons


Father, thank you for today.
Thank you that you made us
and that you love us.

I pray that Harry and Toby
won’t be afraid of anything:
not monsters or dinosaurs,
noises or the dark,
aliens or skeletons
(or pirates),
school or nursery.

Or anything they’ve read in a book
or seen in a film.

I pray that they will sleep really well
and have good dreams not bad dreams.

In Jesus’ name, amen.


You didn’t say pirates
I did say pirates.
You didn’t say skeletons
I did say skeletons.

You didn’t say football club
You’re not scared of football club.
I am. You’re not going to football club
for another four sleeps.

You didn’t say nursery
I did but just for you,
help him not be scared of nursery
amen now go to sleep.

Part 1 is the word for word prayer that my sons make me pray every night before bed. Part 2 is a typical conversation that ensues. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.