Fifteen Minutes More

Our French dream is over . . .
and now I fear for our
happy marriage, says
Lauren Booth.

Lauren Booth: I changed my
Facebook profile after
a row and now my husband
is in a coma.

I asked him: ‘Do you know
who I am?’ reveals
Lauren Booth as her husband
emerges from a coma.

Lauren Booth thanks God her
husband survived a
horrific motorbike
accident but confesses:
The man I loved is dead.

Lauren Booth wrote about
dumping her husband on
Facebook and his terrible
road accident but now
her mother-in-law asks:
Why can’t we keep
this in the family?

Lauren Booth: why I hate
my mother and never
want to see her again.

Daily Mail headlines featuring Lauren Booth, collected by the Guardian’s Lost in Showbiz blog, 28th October 2010. Submitted by Marika Rose.