Yutaka Registered-Trade-Mark Sushi

Place Yutaka® Sushi Nori on a Yutaka® Bamboo Mat, 
right at the edge 
nearest your body. 
Spread evenly with Yutaka® rice over about 
two thirds of the sushi nori 
with the uncovered part 
facing away from you. Add your favourite fillings 

a little off centre. 

Roll up the bamboo mat
tucking the closer end of the sushi nori to start a roll 
and press lightly with both hands. 
Wet the final flap of Yutaka® Sushi Nori 
to stick the roll together. 

Remove roll from the mat, and cut 
into six pieces using a 
lightly moistened 
sharp knife.

Taken from the back of a sushi rolling mat packet, found in the attic. Submitted by Christa.