Dearest Jamie

I bought my lovely boyfriend Darren
your book for Christmas and i haven’t
had to cook a meal

He went through the cupboards
to find out what we were missing
from your list and he even invested
£100.00 buying a magimix.

He stopped smoking Monday
and finds thinking about what he needs
to buy to prepare the evening meal
a good distraction from the withdrawal

Now i don’t want you or your readers
to think that i’m complaining
i know i’ve got it made (he even hoovers,
irons and cleans the bathroom)
the only problem i’m having is that
is so tasty i’m clearing my plate
and i’m worried i’m going to be
the size
of a house

We’re moving to a new home next month
and he’s informed me he’d like a black
gloss kitchen and a range to cook on

He bought me black diamonds,
I think he’s a keeper.

Taken from a comment left on a dumpling recipe on Jamie Oliver’s website on the 7th January 2009. Some exclamation marks removed. Submitted by Nikki.