Making a mental pro-con list about winter

You can get a cold drink of water from the top,
without waiting for it to run cold.
When it snows you can pretend it’s Narnia.
Putting the heating on,
feeling like you’re defeating winter!
Soup, hotpot, stew, all those slow cooker meals
you don’t make when it’s warm.

Dark nights, running in the rain,
moonlit walks up Shining Tor
(best with frost or ideally snow on ground),
sitting in the warm playing music
watchin the ‘weather’ outside,
wrapping up warm to go out,
drying out again when you’ve taken the dog out,
cold winter days up in the hills
with views across Cheshire.

It is acceptable, nay encouraged, to eat meals
that consist entirely of carbs and cheese.
Boots + woolly tights.

Snuggling by the fire under a duvet
with a baileys hot chocolate
Your winter festival of choice.
Scarves and gloves. Snow.
Snowball fights with people who are too nice to play evilly.
Building snow creatures.
The snow silence. The icing look of it.

Hot chocolate. Marshmallows optional.
Haw frost on spiders’ webs.
And on the edges of leaves. And coating long grasses.
Oh, and the return of geese from warmer climates.

Moaning about the weather.

Taken from a Facebook discussion about the onset of winter. Some points omitted. Submitted by Angi Holden