God Bless America Yes I Believe

Do you have a desire to share your Christianity? Have you had breast cancer or cancer of any type and have a testimony of courage to share with your friends and family? Do you have a desire to share the Hope our Savior offers with others?

What Would Jesus Do?…

Jesus boldly proclaimed the Good News.

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Text picked from the front page of the website What Would Jesus Do? on 11 November 2011. Submitted by Lucie Shuker.

On The Shelf

Knowledge, Power and Educational Reform
Pedagogy, Symbolic Control and Identity
Education, Culture, Economy, Society

Sociological theory: A book of readings
Sex work: A risky business
Semiotics: The basics

Sixth-Form Colleges
Education for Sale
Born to Buy


Book titles on my shelf. Submitted by Lucie Shuker.

Gap Year

Dan Strong is bungee jumping,
Dutch boys, lies and more lies, Oxford lads, the north, small Thai ladies, happy elephants, ‘bamboo rafts don’t fucking float’, jungle treks, more Irish girls, Thai boxing, watching failure, and how far does the rabbit hole go…

Dan Strong is maekong man,
he came, he saw, he mankini’d vang vieng in two! tubing, happy shakes, happy bread, and the rest, lying in rivers ”soooo…..this is nice”, being gracefully shot down, 25m rope swings, how to save a life, and a lot of unexplained injuries! TIL baby.…

Dan Strong is crashing motorbikes,
hefty fines, ”the biggest island is a shithole”, german girls, being unable to get rid of our dutch companion, chilling in rice paddies, getting groped by a french teacher, best bus trip ever and sleeping aids….

Dan Strong is capsizing tuk tuks,
killing fields, tuol sleng, sleeping on rooftops, ‘im so excited about these temples, cock blocking, wasting time in hammocks….ha! cambodian clubs, dirty western perverts and the master of sublety, TIC baby.

Dan Strong is the child tree,
waiting far too long for overpriced bar shirts, drinking games for boys, best gay ever! gecko vs snake, street dancing, clean clothes, temples, lara croft, pissing off the tiger, best meal ever and maybe there is light at the end of this very deep rabbit hole.…

Dan Strong is best coffee ever,
last night with mum and dad, back in t land, 6 hour waits, israel girl, tittus, and khao San mornings…. Same same but brilliantly different! P

(Facebook updates from a young guy who is travelling. Submitted by Lucie Shuker)