First, Born

Hi Esme it’s Jules here.
I just got off the ward for five minutes
to give a few people a ring and get some
fresh air ’cause it’s really horrible stale
smelly milk breath in that ward and um

everything’s okay really but in another way
it’s not ’cause Chloe’s not feeding well at all
and it’s probably my knockers or something
I don’t know but if you could pray because she’s
hungry and she’s mad and she’s really mad
and she’s nice as well I think you might quite like her

but she is a bit of a hairy old munter
so bring some scissors and we can do some
girl’s world stuff on her if you want
and um but I don’t know how long
I’m going to be here but I’ll speak to you soon,

Jules was the first of our closer friends to have a baby. She left this breathless message on my wife’s phone 8 April 2002, shortly after giving birth. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.