Munch Love

Hi Lisa, I hope you became my E-mail
in December. How are you? I’m good.
My work is very bissy and not to easy.
The old people there are doing crasy thinks,
I have munch work and I need munch time
for the old people. But not every day
is the same, a little bit I like my shop.

At the moment, we have a 90 years old
lady in ouer home, and she is so sweet
and friendly, I like her so munch. She is full
of Love with Jesus, sometimes I go to her
and we talk over Jesus, over her
interesting life its so nice. She pray for me
and for the old people in ouer home.
She is lovly.

Mario and me, we are happy.
Its good to see him daily, it isnt boring
with him and we get along well.
I seed your a picture of Mario and me.
Can you send Helen a lot of since
and also Gabriel and Esme and little
Harry. And can ask Helen have she became
my cake to Christmas Thanks. I hope I hear
from you.

This email to Lisa came from a German girl who we got to know in 2004. She came over to the UK for a few weeks, to improve her English. She sent the email on her return to Germany. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.