Sex and dirty dishes

Jana offers the following assessment:
You know, I wouldn’t say you
doing the dishes for me
is better than sex…but it’s close.

I laugh and laugh.
I understand, I say,
You know,
I bet if we called all your friends tonight
and asked them the question,
‘Would you rather have sex
with your husband tonight
or have him wash the dishes?’
that 100% would say
‘Wash the dishes.’

She agrees.

But I have a crazy idea.
Let’s put this to the test! I say,
Let’s call your friends and pose the question.

So Jana starts making calls.
Asking wife after wife the question:
If you could have sex with your husband tonight
or have him do the dishes
what would you choose?

The results rolled in.
Like election night.
And the verdict?

Do the dishes.

From the blog Experimental Theology. Submitted by Marika Rose. This is the 100th poem to be published on Verbatim!