This house

Council is example of bureaucracy gone mad
Council devoid of common sense
Different rules for different folk
Planners are sterile bureaucratic vandals.

Gateshead planners are philistines
Gateshead planners think 400 votes count for nothing
Thank you –
Not surprising to have more local support than elected councillors.

The buffoons
Can’t see
Won’t listen
Don’t speak

Your local councillors
Who do they think they work for
Council’s abuse of powers lamentable
Council are not even handed
Councillors are devoid of grey matter.

Wrong use of power
Planners cannot loose face
Surprise surprise this lot want our votes

This house is detrimental to the area.

From signs plastered all over the windows of a house in Gateshead, 4th May 2010. Submitted by Marika Rose.