NOOMA is there for us

We can get anything we want,
from anywhere in the world,
whenever we want it.
That’s how it is
and that’s how we want it to be.
Still, our lives aren’t any different
than other generations before us.
Our time is.

We want spiritual direction,
but it has to be real for us
and available when we need it.
We want a new format
for getting Christian perspectives.

NOOMA is the new format.
It’s short films with communicators
that really speak to us.
Compact, portable, and concise.

Each NOOMA touches on issues
that we care about,
that we want to talk about,
and it comes in a way
that fits our world.
It’s a format that’s there for us
when we need it,
as we need it,
how we need it.

From the blurb on a series of short films. Submitted by Marika Rose.