Blue with a hint of your mother.
Unsure-whether-boy-or-girl baby room color.
What I’m sure was once nice wallpaper
before you stained it with your nicotine.

Red as the cute boy to my right’s hoodie.
My dentist’s office orange. I still remember
his dandruff slowly wafting into my gaping jaw.
Jesus Christ, what is with you and green?

Shark invested water blue. Sorry for
spazzing earlier, I had a seizure. Dark red.
Now I’m just getting freaked out.
Nothing looks like a proper color any more.

Maybe a half hour before the first stars start
showing up in the night sky … that awful color,
that forever remains a reminder that grandma
needs to be cut off after the third glass.

It’s pink, but not totally pink,
but it’s purple, but not totally purple.
We are a collaborative ice-cream cone.
The best color in the freakin’ world.

(Comments in a survey about identifying colours)