Russian Girls in Love

Hello, gentleman!
I will be honest with you
I tell that I can’t see a future
that does not include you.

I feel great inspiration every time
when I see you I feel scared
that your heart isn’t single
that you won’t want to build
romantic relations with me.

But from other hand,
I try to forget about all fears
to believe that you are the man of my dream
that I am a woman beyond your dreams.

It was not the easy step for me
to write to you this letter.
I didn’t used to get acquainted with strangers
especially through the internet.

But I am very disappointed into real life
where I can’t meet a good man and
I can’t build love and family.
I decided to change
something in my life
and this first change is
my letter to you.

you won’t stay cold
you will be touched with
my sincere and romantic letter.
I am always ready to write
to you a reply to continue
our romantic acquaintance.

Taken from a spam email. Submitted by Karen Greenbaum-Maya.