Groceries or pizza?

pizza is just an easy fix
for a temporary solution

A friend’s facebook response to a shopping dilemma on March 1st 2012. Submitted by Rachel Helen Smith.

Five People Liked His Status

I swear,
to everything I got,
I’ll defend my baby
till the end.

If a short,
little motherfucker
wants to
try and threatened
her for saying
to a freeloading skank,
who calls her mom
a bitch,
then I got a problem
with him.

Or else what
Threaten her again
and I’ll show you.

From a Facebook status last year. Submitted by B.J. Jones.


Lynsey Peterson likes we want
a Scottish flag on Facebook.

Anna Hammond Сака ли некој
да одиме во парк денес?

Rebecca Grohl commented on her own 
status: Ich bin eigentlich ueberfluess…

Luke Southey is listening to 
Que Veux-Tu by Yell on Spotify. 

Clive Law commented on Peter Meadow’s
status: I always put too much red wine…

Natalie Southey and Ruth Garcia-Lopez
are now friends.

Russell Goodwin OMG!

From my Facebook friends latest activity stream (or whatever that short update column on the right is called) on 17 October 2011. Exactly the order in which they appeared, names altered for privacy. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

Effed Up

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More friends are waiting.

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found their friends using
the Facebook Friend Finder.
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Give it a try.

Find friends

Microcopy from Facebook, spotted 9 October 2010. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

Up the Wall

Hey … sending hugs!
Going to visit your mum
and friday … fun at the farm.

Found fantastic bright red sofa
for lounge will be so much fun.
Kidz in paddlin pool today yes pool
it was lovely x Paula was

given fish by fisherman at loch …
had it for their tea.
man want to give them fly fishin lessons!
joseph and Paul very keen

x love and hugs x you doin ok?

By Heather, from 5 August 2009. Facebook wall post from one friend to another. Original punctuation but with punctuation marks greatly reduced.