Poems from the Menu Bar #5


Undo, redo, cut, copy, paste.
Paste in front, paste in back,
Clear, find and replace.

Find next, check spelling,
edit custom dictionary,
define pattern, edit
original, transparency

flattener presets. Print

presets, PDF presets,
color settings, assign
profile, keyboard shortcuts.
The ‘Edit’ drop down menu in the computer program Illustrator, punctuated. If you like this, try #1 and #2-#4. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

Poems from the Menu Bar #2-#4


Get info,
batch change,
rotate clockwise
rotate counter clockwise.
My rating
move to trash.
Revert to original.


View as list,

as grid, as cover flow.
View options,
show column browser, show
artwork column,
show genius sidebar. Go
to current song.
Video size visualizer, show

visualizer full screen.
Switch to mini player.

iMovie HD/Markers

Add book, Mark.
Delete book, Mark, delete all.
Book Mark’s previous book, Mark.
Next, book Mark, add chapter.
Mark, er, delete chapter.

Mark, er, show pod.
Cast U R L S.

More poems from the menu bars of software applications on my Mac (after #1 and before #5). The first is arranged identically to the menu, the second has alternative breaks, while the third breaks up words and punctuates liberally. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

Poems from the Menu Bar #1


Preview overprint,
preview pixel, preview.
Proof setup, proof,
colors zoom in, zoom.

Out fit in window,
actual size. Hide edges,

hide artboard, hide,
page tiling show.

Slices lock, slices,
show template, show,
rulers hide bounding box,
show transparency grid.

Show text threads,
guides smart, guides.
Show grid, snap to grid,
snap to point new:

View edit, views.
The ‘View’ drop down menu from the Adobe Illustrator menu bar on my computer, but with punctuation forced upon it. Submitted by Gabriel Smy. See also Poems from the Menu Bar #2-4 and #5.


Be fulfilled … satisfy the hunger within
—Noodfucius 12:45 After Dinner

Dojo Yaki-Udon or Dojo
Yaki-Soba (Japanese): chicken,
char siu pork, assorted seafood, tofu,
egg, bonito flakes, onion, mange tout,

red pepper, Oriental greens, with
yaki-udon or yaki-soba.
Ho Yo Peppered Beef Mi Fan (Taiwanese):
seared peppered beef fillet, green pepper,

onion and mange tout with a rich black
bean and soya sauce topped over steamed
rice. Spicy Seafood Tom Yum Mee (Thai):
scallop, squid, king prawn, mussel, fishcake,

crabstick, pineapple, spring onion,
coriander, lemongrass and fresh
chillies with rice vermicelli in
a spicy Tom Yum broth. Saigonese

Chicken Fillet Pho (Vietnamese
fusion): chargrilled chicken marinated
in Teriyaki sauce with thick rice
noodles, beansprouts, coriander, chillies,

Oriental greens, wakame, menma
and a wedge of lime in a meat broth.

A proverb and four items from the takeaway menu of Dojo Noodle Bar in Cambridge UK, 28 July 2009. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.