A night at the opera

Big ideological statements
Giant snakes
One expects to get one or the other
One is rarely deprived of both.

The means are the simplest
As the audience files in
a small army of white-dressed people
are placidly picnicking.
As the music starts
they strip off their clothes
and paint each other blue.
Yes, it sounds weird
but the Ring is weird.

Sometimes they are slaves
Sometimes they are even inanimate.
The gods all sport matching platinum hair.

They don’t try to fool us
and yet something about them
is perfect anyway.

Picked out of a review of Wagner’s opera Das Rheingold on the blog Likely Impossibilities. The word ‘are’ replaces ‘seem to be’ in line 8. Submitted by Grace Andreacchi.

Live your dash

On your tombstone
you’ve got your birth date

and the day of your decease —
and you’ve got your dash.

Live your dash.
Hold still and watch the birds.

Like the hummingbirds —
why are there so many of them?

Taken from the London Evening Standard’s review of Werner Herzog’s Into the Abyss, 30th March 2012. A comma has been removed after ‘tombstone’. Submitted by Rishi Dastidar.

What shall remain

Our civilization will be known for our diaper landfills
and our nuclear waste sites
Other fragments of our culture might survive as well:
bits of Tupperware
mountains of lithium batteries
or maybe the traces of our highway system.

The foundation of a skyscraper might make
for a breakthrough excavation
but the islands of plastic bottles
floating in the oceans may prove puzzling.

Perhaps we will bury a cache of digital archives somewhere
to be deciphered one day
like the hieroglyphics on an Egyptian sarcophagus.

From the Design Observer review of A History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil McGregor. The review is written by Adam Harrison Levy. Submitted by Grace Andreacchi.

Of godly life and sound learning

Totter legged and pilled priest; stinking
knave priest; scurvy, stinking, shitten boy;
Polled, scurvy, forward, wrangling priest;
Runagately rogue; prick-eared rogue;
Drunken-faced knave; copper-nose priest;
Wrangler and prattler; Scottish jack;
Jack sauce and Welsh rogue; black-coat knave.

Insults suffered by members of the clergy in 16th and 17th century Britain, taken from a review of The Plain Man’s Pathways to Heaven: Kinds of Christianity in Post-Reformation England, 1570-1640 by Christopher Haigh. Submitted by Marika Rose.

thetford girls

dimonds are pretty. so are pearls
you aint got nothing on us thetford girls
thetford born thetford bred
phit as fuck and wicked in bed

best things ever is being with shannon
yehh boyy in shitt school but living it up
in DT wiht my best matee shannon

yehh yehh

yeh boy me, mel, lewis living it larg
in RMHS science. its shit
we doing a fucking text but hay
we with all r mates so its okaii
my lil shannon mate love her so much
taylor mate ya phitt ass babe 😉

abbey farm woo
fair wen its down
the good thetford crew

and me mates

Shannon Nn Danielle Ere In Dt 09 What A Shit Day x

i love my baby nephew Harley Clark Goldson
and i love my sisterr .. and her tatoo 😀 lol xx
thetford is allright but some times people
just make it really bad such as the parks
but castle park has been allright xx

melissa and sasha love aaron kameana
4eva coz he is 1 fit guy!
melissa and sasha love aaron kameana
4eva coz he is 1 fit guy!
melissa and sasha love aaron kameana
4eva coz he is 1 fit guy!

Thanks to the Portuguese, Thetford town center
now has, for the first time in many years,
women who look good in tight jeans.

These are simply public submissions to the web page The Best Things About Thetford, Norfolk on the Knowhere Guide. Extracted 16 November 2009. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.