Grundy remarked let slip

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A spam comment posted to my content strategy blog SmyWord on 13 April 2010. The links are removed but the blue colour of the links left in. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

Spam #6

I fair-minded joined this forum
and looking to into unmatured people
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These are recent spam comments, with the authors in parentheses, posted on my content strategy blog SmyWord. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

The System Eats You

Don’t know if it’s appropriate we go

swimming; you go – where I get inspiration.
I noticed your interest, your picture, few
years ago, used to draw attention.

please please

We haven’t talked a while: share your life goals –
table is here, stop the discrimination.
Party arrangements too wild for you? The

system eats you. Fantastic demonstration.

please pay attention
please be with us

Another poem from the subject lines of recent junk email messages in my spam folder (read the first one). I simply take the whole subject lines and put them together with a little additional punctuation. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

One For You

This seems to be one for you:

date1 July 2009 06:11
subjectThere he sat and cried

hide details 06:11 (6 hours ago) Reply

Hello. Is there perchance!


This genuinely confused me when I received it as a message on Facebook from a writer friend. I thought she was sending me a poem for this blog for a moment before realising it was spam. Here it is anyway, untouched, except for removing the offending link. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

Someone Wrote You Message

Look at this glorious shit. Chinese
community lived on skyscraper roofs,
people for sale in Miami, one more
president killed. How can you explain it?

Revolt in Mexico. A person is
missing – problems with sending – didn’t receive
anything. See that girl anywhere?
Can you fix it? Tell me what happened?

Surprise. What I learned: found your mistake, caught
you on camera, all dates of meetings –
he – I recorded your voice. I found your
task. Jolie cut her face, make her your queen

forever. Chief asks for you – sending you
delivery boy, oh you are lucky.
Let’s make a barbecue on a weekend,
flush up to fifteen pounds of waste and toxins

from your body. See you there, address
attached. Where was your mind? You were great.
You were banned. Something strange happens to
everyone. Someone wrote you message.

A compilation of email subject lines from my spam folder over the last month. Is it just me or has spam got less filthy? Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

Spam #2

Has your cum ever
and you wish it had shot out?
Have you ever wanted
to impress your girl
with a huge cumshot?

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Our highly potent,
volume enhancing formula
will give our results in days
and comes
with an impressive
one hundred percent

Imagine the difference
– look and feel –
between dribbling your cum
compared to shooting out
burst after burst.

Try SPUR-M now. And with
our money back guarantee
you have absolutely
to lose.

One from the archives: text from a spam email saved from 2004. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

Modern Life

Scientific researches determined
the main reason of family conflicts
hidden in the sex relations.

Modern life doesn’t leave energy till night,
bigger part of male population
satisfy their wives.

But you

An entire email spam message I once received. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.