Careering path

Intend to work

analytically, confidently

an ambitious and self
motivating atmosphere,

which would lead to
overall development
of my personality,

thus serving
the esteemed organization
efficiently, ultimately

paving a path to
a long lasting
and rewarding relationship.
A ‘career objective’ in the C.V. of an applicant hoping to join my company this week. Submitted by Alan Mitchell.

Staring At Not Out

Instructions to be undertaken
by trained personnel only

Opening Window
Remove mishandling
block with black
key provided.
Press button
marked Press
whilst pushing
window open

Cleaning Window
Press button
marked Press
and push window
open to arms
length, then
continue reversal
by pulling
window from the top
until window
with restrictor.

Leaning out of the window is not necessary for this operation.

Noticed on the pane of the new office window. Window spotting enthusiasts will recognise the instructions as belonging to the ECON 75 T.S. Submitted by Alan Mitchell.


why is the sky blue
why is michael jackson white
why is the sea salty
why is my computer so slow
why is a raven like a writing desk
why is my period late
why is there a dead pakistani on my couch
why is yawning contagious
why is friday 13th unlucky
why is the sea blue
Start typing in the Google search box and it automatically suggests 10 popular entries that begin the same way. These are the suggestions for ‘why is’ 21 Sep 09. Submitted by Alan Mitchell.